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Arlington Fleet Services Limited was formed at the start of 2004 by a collation of experienced railway engineering professionals who had extended their careers to embrace enterprise.
  The Government White Paper titled New Opportunities for the Railways - the Privatisation of British Rail, published in 1993 paved the way for many competitive entities to emerge. The market for rail vehicle maintenance services held no exception.
It was not only the opportunity for enterprise that was borne in mind at the company's inception. It was the opportunity for the experienced engineer to practise a skill of immense desire: - innovation. Long will the debate ensue about the private/public railway but the founders of Arlington firmly believe in the merits of applying innovation in the operations of the industry, where, once it was locked-up in just a few, privileged, departments of British Rail.  
  What We Do:
Arlington Fleet Services Limited offers, to the industry, rail vehicle maintenance services. There are two core elements:

  • A mobile system.

  • A depot/works based system
The mobile system makes use of lightly tooled vans as well as heavy, road-based plant to realise the product almost anywhere on the network. This is to alleviate the need for a return-to-depot approach. The arming of such a product also enables the key ability to recover and rescue rail vehicles that have been stranded or damaged in an incident such as de-railment. Much of the equipment employed is, in fact, normally engaged in heavy re-railing. The level of maintenance offered is almost limitless. Arlington has the skills, knowledge and ability to provide the management of major works whilst also providing it in novel situations.  
  Arlington is based at Eastleigh Works but also makes use of rail connected depots and facilities around the country and has access to some logistically favourable sites.

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